My approach to photographing tweens and teens | barnfotograf Stockholm

In a nutshell, I let them be themselves :). I give them tips on what to wear - something that won’t embarrass them when they look back on the photos in years to come. We chat, I make bad jokes and I basically capture them as they are. If they don’t feel like giving me a big smile, that’s absolutely okay. If they want to horse around and be playful, that’s okay too. If they want to channel their inner James Dean and just be cool, I will photograph that.

I love when families book photo sessions for their tweens and teens. These are their last few years before they fly the nest, why not capture this period. I know one mom who gives each of her children a big photo book when they move out, full of all the key moments in their life. I will definitely be stealing that idea for my girls when the time comes :)