Don't forget grandma and grandpa | Familjefotograf Stockholm

“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” ~Welsh Proverb

When was the last time you took a photo of your parents with your children? Do you have a beautiful photograph of you with your own grandparents? Does your child have a photo of them with their grandmother or grandfather? Maybe your father takes your eldest child fishing every Saturday. Do you have a photograph of this? Maybe your mother likes to read to your daughter. Have you documented this?

And what about the great-grandparents in the family? They are a vital part of family dynamics, too. Are they regularly included in photographs?

I once had a client who asked me to take a photo of his daughter with his grandmother. It was a fleeting moment, captured quickly on camera, and has since become one of my client’s most cherished photos because his grandmother died shortly after the photo was taken .

That bond betwen grandchildren and their grandparents can be such a beautiful thing.