An anxious April | Barnfotograf Stockholm

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” — Charles Spurgeon

For most of April, for various reasons, I have had what has felt like a ball fo anxiety sitting heavily around my heart area. I won’t lie, it’s been a truly horrible feeling and not one that I’m used to. There have been a few factors at the core of all this anxiety and it seemed like the more I thought about them, the more powerful that ball of anxiety became. Each time I let my mind race, I was essentially feeding the beast. All those racing thoughts were contributing to the growth and power of the anxiety.

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.” - Henry David Thoreau

This Saturday just gone, I packed a rucksack with a book and some water and headed for my spiritual home - the woods. The time had come to get out of my head. With each step I took on the pine needle littered path, I became fully aware of everything around me; the sun rays through the branches, the gentle breeze, the birds singing, the snap of twigs underfoot, the budding trees, the colours around me. Everything. I was mindful. I was totally in the moment. And, thankfully, you can’t be completely in the moment and stuck in your head at the same time. I found a quiet bench by the lake and I lost myself in a book.

I left those woods feeling calmer, clearer and rejuvinated. I needed that reminder. When your thoughts are causing chaos in your body, you can always turn to Mother Nature for peace and inspiration.

I’ll leave you with some recent photographs from another beautiful walk in nature :)

April personal faves | Barnfotograf Stockholm

So Easter’s over and I didn’t die of a chocolate overdose. That was unexpected because God knows I hit the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs hard.

How was your Easter? Did you travel/spend time with family/do an Easter egg hunt/eat aforementioned eggs? The Jolly gang took a road trip with our freshly groomed dog. He is such a looker and he doesn’t even know it :). We had our first BBQ of the year with friends - always be wary of friends who top up your wine glass the minute you look away/leave the table ;). We hosted a Greek style Easter lunch (my husband wanted to do a different spin on Easter food) for the extended family. I really wanted to smash some plates as part of our Greek experience, but I wasn’t allowed (boooooooooo). For dessert, I made my first ever carrot cake and guess what? It was a resounding success. Trust me when I say no one was more surprised than I was ;).

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite personal photographs from this month.

Until the next time, folks ;)

Happy Eater. I mean Happy Easter | Familjefotograf Stockholm

Anyone else planning a chocolate overdose this weekend? No? Just me?

You know those movies where there’s a man and a woman on a date and the woman is so nervous/starry-eyed she just half-heartedly pushes her pasta arrabiata around her plate? God that makes me angry, people. One can always find another man, but good pasta does not come along every day. The same goes for days dedicated to eating your body weight in chocolate, a.k.a Easter Sunday. Yes, I will be a very happy eater this Easter. Just between you and I, I’ve found a local shop, here north of Stockholm, that sells Cadbury’s Chocolate - oh yeah. God, I’m watering at the mouth already just thinking of all the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs I’m going to consume, and some Curly Wurlys thrown in for good measure. Ah, bliss. FYI I don’t think about food all the time, just 90% of the time.

And just to keep you up to speed (and by you, I mean my mother - I’m not sure anyone else reads my blog - do please leave a comment if you are not my mother), I have a few busy weeks coming up with shoots and a trip. I do hope to pop back in here though at some point in May, so don’t be shy and say hi. I’m quite friendly (so long as I’m not hungry).

Wishing you all a very happy Easter xoxox

Life is better with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs ;)

Life is better with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs ;)

How do you eat yours?

How do you eat yours?

Need a hug? Who doesn't | Familjefotografering Stockholm

I love a good hug. Give me all the hugs. Nevermind your brief body contact and pat on the back, if you’re going to hug then HUG dammit :)

I had two lovely hugs from a friend lately - a hello hug and a goodbye hug. I hadn’t seen this friend in a while and was really happy to see him when we met unexpectedly. The hugs said it all - I’m happy to see you and I wish you the best until the next time we meet. I felt the mutual happiness in those hugs.

Hugs just spread joy (see below photographs for evidence). In this disconnected world, it’s good to reach out to a friend/family member/pet and hug them. You will both walk away happier.

“There's something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart,
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part....”
- Johnny Ray Ryder, Jr., "A Simple Hug"