Ulriksdals Slott family session | Stockholm family photographer

If your parents have flown in from New York, what's the logical thing to do?  Well, book a Jolly portrait session of course!  It was only last winter that I photoraphed this delightfully chilled family, but when it was announced that the grandparents were coming to town, the mom had the foresight to realise it would be the perfect opportunity for another photo session.  

I was warmly greeted by these calm people (my favourite kind of people btw) when I arrived at the session.  Little did we know the heavens were about to open (west of Ireland style!).  And yes, I had fastidiously checked the weather beforehand, but there had been ZERO mention of torrential rain!  It was not a problem though, as we thankfully found a rather fabulous gazebo where we happily continued our session.  More lifelong memoires for another Jolly family :)

The winding down of summer | Stockholm family photographer

And now, the end is near... Yup, summer is beginning to wind down!  It was a HOT one here in Sweden.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I'm a mild climate kind of person.  Anywhere between plus 10 and 25 degrees Celsius suits me best.  The extreme heat of summer 2018 made me somewhat cranky (well, my husband would probably say very cranky!).  We won't focus on that though!  The temperature has now cooled and I'm feeling like the demon has been exorcised from me ;)

I've really been enjoying these slightly cooler evenings and love to walk in the woods after dinner.  Getting fresh air before bedtime always helps me sleep better.  The below photographs were shot on one such evening walk. 

With the departure of summer, comes autumn with all its beautiful colours and light.  Why not take the opportunity to book a Jolly family portrait session?  Whether it's your first ever photo session or you need up to date images of your family, why not drop me a line and I can send you my beautiful information pack.  Jolly sessions are guaranteed to make you relax, laugh and wish you'd booked one sooner ;)

A Jolly summer | Familjefotografering Stockholm

After a really lovely, fun-packed summer holiday, today is the day I am finally catching up on blogging!  It feels like it's been a long summer and that we have packed a lot in.  The girls tried camping for the first time (see first image below for photographic evidence).  I set up a fun little tent for them, rolled out their sleeping bags, made it super cosy, said goodnight to them and headed back indoors.  Two hours later I heard the girls racing up the stairs like the hounds of hell were behind them.  They got scared and wanted to sleep in their own beds - obviously not quite ready for the camping experience ;)

We also did a big road trip round the north of Sweden.  We clocked up a LOT of miles, went fishing, crossed a lake in a pedal boat, stayed in an amazing treehouse hotel, enjoyed lots of warm evenings watching the sunset, celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary and three family birthdays, and thankfully narrowly avoided the Swedish wildfires. 

And now it's back to reality.  I had my first family photo session after the holidays last Saturday and I'm now taking bookings for the rest of the year.  If you would like to book your Jolly shoot now, please feel free to get in touch and I'll happily send you my beautiful info pack :)