My approach to sibling photography | Familjefotograf Stockholm

As you all enjoyed my recent blog post My Approach to Family Photography, I thought you might also enjoying hearing about how I approach photographing siblings.

Hopefully, you will by now notice a common theme in my approach - FUN. For the most part, I do my best to illict laughter from younger siblings. I don’t tell younger siblings to smile. I give them a reason to smile. Sometimes that’s my bad Swedish, sometimes it’s their parents dancing (yes, I have been known to make parents dance) and sometimes they are just so naturally happy that all I have to do is lift my camera and I’m getting the megawatt smiles.

I also like to get my little subjects to engage in something fun, for example, whispering their favourite ice cream flavour to each other and I have to guess it, reading together, tickling each other, or just them lost in their own world of play. Sometimes though (and because they are usually my favourite kind of shots), I will aim for a more serious expression. The right kind of serious look can make for a very interesting photograph ;)