My approach to family photography - the Jolly way

When you are six feet under, how do you want your loved ones to remember you? What would you want your photographs to say about you?

Now, I could be wrong, but I doubt anyone wants to be remembered as a grumpy bugger. Right? I can safely say all my photo sessions are grumpy bugger-free. And why is that? First of all, I prepare all my clients for our photo sessions. They get tips on what to wear and what to bring to their photo session, and they are told exactly how the shoot is going to flow and how I will direct them, so there is no sense of uncertainity on the day. On top of that, I create a fun and positive atmosphere, so if there was any trace of grumpiness right before our session, it would soon dissipate and before you know it you would have a pain in your face from smiling (natural smiles that is, no forced smiles on my watch).

So, now you know. Jolly photo sessions feel natural, fun and relaxed. You will be well prepared in advace and treated like a favourite cousin on the day. And best of all, you will have beautiful, timeless, grumpy bugger-free photographs to cherish forever ;)