Discover the joys of having your baby photographed at home...

5 reasons why choosing a natural baby photo session will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and thankful.

Imagine this - you come home from hospital with an adorable addition to your family. You know that you absolutely need to capture this beautiful and fleeing time of your life. Why not take the easy and, dare I say, fun option and let me come to your home to create timeless and priceless photographs of your new baby.

Here are 5 reasons why this could be the best choice for you:

  1. There is no need to bundle up your baby and travel to a studio

  2. You will have everything you need for you and the baby close by

  3. The pictures will be very personal, as they are taken in your own home

  4. Your baby will appreciate seeing how their home looked when they are all grown up

  5. You will feel far more comfortable and relaxed in your home environment

For March and April only I’m running a special offer for my natural newborn photo sessions, which can save you whopping 3,000kr. Get in touch now via the Contact page above and I’ll be happy to give you more information :)

What other parents are saying:

“To invite Sandra into our home has been a true pleasure. It’s not just practical to take photos at home, it also gives you a new perspective on your own home. To take photos at home, in an environment where you and your children feel comfortable, makes pictures personal.

Sandra has the ability to work purposefully and professionally, and she makes everyone around her feel comfortable in the situation. She gets the best out of your children who seldom want to be photographed. Children appreciate her playfulness and security, which means they can fully be themselves. My child has several times asked if Sandra can come here again. They obviously had fun when she was here!

I can absolutely recommend Sandra to everyone who wants personal family photographs and portraits. They are worth every krona. The pictures we had taken hang both in the children’s room and our living room and make us happy every day. The pictures are such nice memories for today and the future.

The pictures were absolutely fantastic! Better than I could ever have imagined. I often get asked who took our photographs, and I notice that the photographs catches peoples’ interest. For me the pictures are not just nice art, but also dear memories for life.” - Cilla, Saltsjö-Boo

“These photographs stand out so much from all the pictures we have taken. It’s the ones we want to see exposed in the house. They make a great gift.” - Mick, Stockholm