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Family & Teenage photo session in Danderyd | Familjefotograf Stockholm

I LOVE getting emails from moms of teenagers asking if I'm available to photograph their whole family at their home!  Sometimes it seems like parents are wonderful at booking photo sessions for their newborns or toddlers, but often forget to have their teenagers photographed.  Those teenagers will soon be moving out, starting their own lives, so don't let them go without getting some beautiful photographic memories of them.  This time is so fleeting!

This family were so relaxed and easy-going, even when I started moving all their furniture around!  They didn't blink an eye!   Hey, I do what I need to do to get the shot ;).  After a fun-filled photo session, I was treated to tea on the patio by their glorious outdoor fire (something that has long been on my wish list for my own dream home!).

If you are a relaxed and easy-going family, feel free to get in touch and we will create some photographic magic together :). 

You can leave your hat on | Stockholm barnfotograf

I never wear hats.  Unless it's -20 degrees outside, but even then it's usually my husband shoving one on my head while I try and shoo him away.  However, I LOVE them in pictures!  I'm always looking for cute hats for my girls.  One of these days I'm going to do a collage of all my favourite hat pictures and then you'll have photographic evidence that I really do love a nice hat in a photo!

In other news, autumn is here and I finally got to take some personal pictures! :)

When two become three | Stockholm barnfotograf

It's so great to meet someone who really values photography and understands the importance of photographing your family regularly.  One such person is Nicky, fun-lovin' mom to these gorgeous twins.  It was my third time to photograph this delightful family, and can you imagine my excitement when I rocked up to their home and saw that they had just acquired a brand new, totally adorable, puppy!  We got lots of beautiful family images with their new little bundle, but as I mainly post just kids on the Jolly blog, you'll have to go to my Facebook business page to see the other shots. Oh, and how cool is this: the mom had seen my recent darker black and white images and asked if I could do something similiar for her kids!  I was only too happy to oblige!  See below :)

July personal faves | Stockholm barnfotograf

July has been an intense month.  There's been client portrait sessions, birthdays, parties, a wedding anniversary, a christening, catching up with friends, entertaning the kids who are home on school holiday and taking a LOAD of personal pictures.  I was even close to running out of memory cards for my camera at a stage!  And now, although I'm offically on holiday, I'm still working a bit and finalising client orders.  In the meantime, here's some of my favourites from Jolly family life this month.  Hope you enjoy :)