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Järvafältet portraits | Barnfotograf Stockholm

When are you happiest?  There are a few things that really do it for me: a great sleep, a meal my lovely husband has cooked, and making beautiful photographs!  I love to be outside exploring, and being outside taking photos is where I am in my element!  Do more of what makes you happy!  :)

October personal faves | Stockholm barnfotograf

Big cups of hot chocolate outside, chunky sweaters and scarves, log fires, candlelit dinners, crunchy leaves and if you're really, really lucky beautiful light - these are a few of my favourite things about October.  It's such a cozy month.  So much better than November when all I want to do is eat and sleep.  Basically, I become a bear in November, and maybe December and possibly January too. 

Here are a few of my favourites from October.  And yes, our dog Riley really is that cute.  No Photoshop trickery has been used to enhance his gorgeousness ;)

July personal faves | Stockholm barnfotograf

July has been an intense month.  There's been client portrait sessions, birthdays, parties, a wedding anniversary, a christening, catching up with friends, entertaning the kids who are home on school holiday and taking a LOAD of personal pictures.  I was even close to running out of memory cards for my camera at a stage!  And now, although I'm offically on holiday, I'm still working a bit and finalising client orders.  In the meantime, here's some of my favourites from Jolly family life this month.  Hope you enjoy :)