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Järvafältet portraits | Barnfotograf Stockholm

When are you happiest?  There are a few things that really do it for me: a great sleep, a meal my lovely husband has cooked, and making beautiful photographs!  I love to be outside exploring, and being outside taking photos is where I am in my element!  Do more of what makes you happy!  :)

Lifestyle family session in Stockholm | Familjefotograf Stockholm

This was one of my last photo sessions of 2017 and I LOVED it! 

It was a chilly November morning when I got to this lovely family's Stockholm apartment, but the welcome I got was warm.  This family was a perfect energy match for me!  They were laid-back, positive and open to all my suggestions.  They hung out on the couch with their delightful little daugher and their calm and adorable rescue dog while I photographed them.

For the sake of variety, we popped to the little park across the street where we got some gorgeous images of this little girl and her dog.   I was SO exicted about these shots, but somehow managed to 'stay cool'!  At least I think I did!  Thankfully, the mom and dad loved the same images I did and now have beautiful framed prints to grace their walls.  What beautiful memories of a fleeting time :)

2017 personal faves | Familjefotografering Stockholm

Out of all the photographs I take, the ones of my own children are always my favourite.  I don't photograph them every day (I don't want them to hate my camera!), but when the mood is right and all the elements come together, I will crouch behind my camera and photograph them as long as I can.  My ongoing project, A Jolly Childhood, featuring my daughters, is already a huge collection of work.  I thought you might enjoy the highlights of the 2017 section ;)

2017 client faves | Stockholm familjefotograf

2017 brought a lot of fun people into my life (always my favourite kind!).  I got to photograph  people from all over the world.  I loved hearing their stories and providing them with home-made chocolate chip cookies when they came to my office to choose their images. 

My dream of filling as many homes as possible in Stockholm with Jolly wall portraits continues to fuel me.  Don't YOU want beautiful memories on your wall? :)