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Lifestyle family session in Stockholm | Familjefotograf Stockholm

This was one of my last photo sessions of 2017 and I LOVED it! 

It was a chilly November morning when I got to this lovely family's Stockholm apartment, but the welcome I got was warm.  This family was a perfect energy match for me!  They were laid-back, positive and open to all my suggestions.  They hung out on the couch with their delightful little daugher and their calm and adorable rescue dog while I photographed them.

For the sake of variety, we popped to the little park across the street where we got some gorgeous images of this little girl and her dog.   I was SO exicted about these shots, but somehow managed to 'stay cool'!  At least I think I did!  Thankfully, the mom and dad loved the same images I did and now have beautiful framed prints to grace their walls.  What beautiful memories of a fleeting time :)

Family & Teenage photo session in Danderyd | Familjefotograf Stockholm

I LOVE getting emails from moms of teenagers asking if I'm available to photograph their whole family at their home!  Sometimes it seems like parents are wonderful at booking photo sessions for their newborns or toddlers, but often forget to have their teenagers photographed.  Those teenagers will soon be moving out, starting their own lives, so don't let them go without getting some beautiful photographic memories of them.  This time is so fleeting!

This family were so relaxed and easy-going, even when I started moving all their furniture around!  They didn't blink an eye!   Hey, I do what I need to do to get the shot ;).  After a fun-filled photo session, I was treated to tea on the patio by their glorious outdoor fire (something that has long been on my wish list for my own dream home!).

If you are a relaxed and easy-going family, feel free to get in touch and we will create some photographic magic together :).