Outdoor summer family photo session

“Maybe you can come back sometime and we can go hiking together?” That was what the GORGEOUS little boy in this fun family asked me at the end of our photo session last month. I mean, come on. Could he be any cuter? He definitely stole a piece of my heart :).

This was my second last family photo session of summer 2019 and boy, were we lucky in the light and setting department. These three adorable children were SO easy to photograph. And look how the mom styled the outfits - absolutely perfect end of summer attire for a fun outdoor family portrait session. We chatted, explored the area and even found the cutest little rabbit of all time (see below for evidence). I’ve found myself gazing at this gallery and wishing it was my own family photo session…

In my humble opion, EVERY family needs a photo session. The days are long, but the years are short and you gotta capture this fleeting time. Quick snap shots on your phone just aren’t enough. Your family deserves beautiful portraits :).

Peace and love :)