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Natural newborn sessions at home | Nyföddfotograf i Stockholm

If you, a friend, or a family member has just given birth, then come closer, I’ve got something to tell you…

You want to capture all the important memories from this VERY short stage, right? I mean, you don’t want the little guy or girl to grow up and one day ask, ‘Mom, where are all my newborn photos?’ Imagine your extreme discomfort/embarrassment/shame/sadness when you have to explain to your patiently waiting son/daughter that you took close to 780 photos of that newborn stage on your iPhone, but that same phone met with a sudden, nasty ending and you lost ALL those newborn pictures. The horror of it all.

But you are better than that. You know you can have beautiful, natural, timeless images of your baby, taken right in your own home by the one and only Sandra Jolly Photography ;). And after that fun experience you will have actual printed photographs of that little baby to look at forever.

Book your Natural Newborn Session for March or April 2019 to avail of my special offer. Get in touch via the Contact page above and we’ll start the Jolly process :)