Rosersbergs Slott

Surprise, dad! | Stockholm family photographer

These utterly charming girls live in Germany and their mom decided to plan a secret photo shoot with them here in Stockholm, so that she could gift the images to her husband as a birthday surprise!  This shoot happened waaaay back in early October, but I couldn't share the images until the dad saw them first.  So, now that the dad has seen them, here they are on my blog! 

P.S Please bring me your tweens and teens - I love photographing this age group :)

Fluffy stuff and evening light

I'm painfully aware that soon the darkness will come here in Sweden.  Even after eight years of living here, I still haven't got used to the lack of light during the winter months.  That may explain why I sometimes keep my kids up past their bedtime, just so we can soak up that glorious summer evening light.  Yesterday we found a field of some kind of 'fluffy stuff.'  Not sure what else was in that field, but I was itching like a dog with fleas when I came home.  Checks completed.  This is a flea free zone.