In the mood for love | How I photograph couples

Nevermind location, location, location. It’s all about connection, connection, connection ;)

Remember the connection you and your partner had before the kids came along? Remember the excitement, the butterflies, getting lost in each other’s eyes, the lazy weekend lie-ins, exploring new cities hand in hand... Those were the days, right? ;)

I don’t know about you, but I can hold my hands up and say I’m a terribly romantic and soppy soul. I love seeing people in love - completely lost in each other, oblivious to the rest of the world. My hubby and I still hold hands, even after 20 years together. I’ve got a collection of love notes and Valentine’s cards I’ve accumulated through the years that I will never recycle. I’ve still got gifts from my first love that I can’t bear to part with. I still grin like an idiot when I watch Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze in that black shirt though - be still my beating heart). John Legend’s All of Me makes me swoon. Yes, I did just say swoon like this is the 1950’s and I’m some damsel about to faint. I did warn you - I’m soppy.

Whenever possible I try to photograph the parents together on a photo session. For many of them, it’s been years since they had a photo taken of just the two of them. And surprise surprise, they are always happy they got in front of the camera and got that precious shot :)

P.S no women were thrown in the water in the making of these photographs ;)