April personal faves | Barnfotograf Stockholm

So Easter’s over and I didn’t die of a chocolate overdose. That was unexpected because God knows I hit the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs hard.

How was your Easter? Did you travel/spend time with family/do an Easter egg hunt/eat aforementioned eggs? The Jolly gang took a road trip with our freshly groomed dog. He is such a looker and he doesn’t even know it :). We had our first BBQ of the year with friends - always be wary of friends who top up your wine glass the minute you look away/leave the table ;). We hosted a Greek style Easter lunch (my husband wanted to do a different spin on Easter food) for the extended family. I really wanted to smash some plates as part of our Greek experience, but I wasn’t allowed (boooooooooo). For dessert, I made my first ever carrot cake and guess what? It was a resounding success. Trust me when I say no one was more surprised than I was ;).

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite personal photographs from this month.

Until the next time, folks ;)