Enjoying slow time in the busy season

The busy season is here for us photographers. I know I have a busy October ahead. I’m not one to live life the fast lane for too long though. I need my down time, be it a walk in the forest, an extra long soak in the tub, a (large) glass of wine by the fire, baking or reading, I need to check out of the busy lane from time to time and make sure I recharge my batteries.

On top of my need to recharge, I also decided a few months ago to prioritize having fun. Who wants to get to the end of their life, look back and say, dang it, why didn’t I have more fun? Not me, for sure. I’ve come to believe that having fun should be a HUGE part of life. Squeeze in some fun wherever you can. You will get so much new energy from it, I promise. And being a woman of my word, this month I’ll be going to a party, having a date night with my hubby, catching up with friends, having visitors from Ireland , going to see some stand up comedy, and playing one of my favourite games every evening - hide and seek with my dog. He ALWAYS finds me within two minutes ;)

Peace and love :)