Hello, 2017! | Stockholm barnfotograf

And all of a sudden, just like that, a bright, shiny new year is upon us.  I hope you all had a jolly good Christmas and feel ready for all the adventures 2017 may bring us. 

My one simple hope for 2017 is that it will be a year of healing for me, as I continue to process and deal with a devastating loss in my personal life.  This means trusting my instincts, taking time out when necessary, spending time with fun, positive people and continuing to photograph whatever brings me most joy.  On that note, for the foreseeable future, I hope to concentrate on photographing children in the 5 to 18 year age range.  I'm currently freshening up my Jolly information pack, but as of next week, I intend to be available for Jolly portrait sessions.  Let 2017 be the year you get some professional PRINTED portraits of your child/family.  Just get in touch via the Contact Me button and I'll be happy to help :)