This is me

It occurred to me recently that I don’t post much about myself here. I guess it’s mainly because I’m a private person and, for the most part in life, I tend to keep to myself.  As I’ve gotten some new fans lately though, I thought I’d share a bit about me, so you know more about the person behind SJP :)
- Frogs repulse me. One jumping near me would quite possibly send me into cardiac arrest.
- My favourite beer is Budvar. I’m a Larry Lightweight though, so maximum three.
- Rammstein’s Mein Hertz Brennt is the first song on my walking playlist.
- I’ve had my appendix removed, which is handy in case I ever become a doctor who winters at an Australian Antarctic station.
- Despite being a photographer, I’m not a techy person and dread the thoughts of being cornered in a conversation about megapixels or buffer memory. Pass me a Budvar, please.
- My nickname is Dusty.
- I have, at last count, 33 first cousins.
- I love to be around spiritually-aware people, who dream without limits and are as curious about the workings of the universe as I am.
- Walking over bridges is risky business for me, as I always get the urge to fling my handbag into the water.
- I love to make people laugh. A grievance counsellor I went to last year actually asked me if I'd ever considered a career in stand-up comedy!  I can be funny even when I'm grieving, apparently!
- If not for my husband and kids, I probably wouldn’t have a phone. I don’t like being contactable all the time and I love to go off the grid.
- I’m afraid of the dark. My going to bed process when I’m home alone is a very tense, drawn-out experience.
- I still practice the ancient art of writing letters.
- I always eat before I go out for dinner just in case, God forbid, the food is delayed and the whole evening descends into low blood sugar chaos. I’m not me when I’m hungry. I’ll take a Snickers with that Budvar, please.
- Down through the years, I’ve had many psychic/sixth sense experiences.
- Indiana Jones is my favourite action hero.
- My favourite things to search on YouTube is stand-up comedians and impressionists.
- Graceland and Tuscany are at the top of my would-like-to-travel-to list.
- I love to be in quiet and peaceful places, like the forest or an empty church. On a recent trip to Berlin we found a Room of Silence and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven until my husband got the hiccups (!).
That's me, folks!  Thanks for reading and thanks for staying awake during my rambling revelations.  You are still awake, right?!