Sandra Jolly Photography is back!

I'm offically back in the office today after a couple weeks' holiday!  I say 'holiday', but what I really mean is I had a big learning curve in separating business time from family time.  Photographers need holidays, too, you know ;).  I now realise I need to plan my time off well in advance and then switch off my computer and close the office door once my kids are on holiday.  It's definitely not easy balancing family life with running a business, but I do my best.  That is until my computer dies five days into my holidays and we have to hire an expert to drill holes in the walls and install a brand new system.  A tired two year old at a photo session, I can handle, but a technical crisis right before the next busy season begins is enough to push me over the edge!  Let's just say, chocolate consumption went WAY up in the Jolly house-hold the last couple weeks!  There's still a few glitches in the new system, but for the most part I'm up and running.  I look forward to sharing lots of new pictures with you in the coming weeks, but for now I'll leave you with a recent favourite moody black and white :)