Waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

I regularly crave a change of scenery.  Having grown up in a house in the middle of the beautiful Irish countryside, apartment/suburban living can leave me feeling very claustrophobic.  I long for open fields and quiet freedom.  The past few weeks I've been itching to go for a late evening (my favourite time to shoot) walk with the family.  Naturally, my camera always comes with me.  Yesterday we finally escaped the neighbourhood and found ourselves roaming a beautiful section of a national park.  It was one of those magical walks - perfect weather, perfect light and the girls were happy.  Let's just pretend the girls and I didn't get savaged by mosquitoes during the last 10 minutes of the walk.  When I turned the camera on my big girl, I got her serious expression. I can see she looks tired and is ready to go home.  It's a look all us parents recognise.