Year in review : 2015

When this year began, I had no idea how I was going to get through it.  On the heels of a devastating trauma in my personal life, my modus operandi was and still is, to take one day at a time.  Since this year began, I have scarcely thought about the future.  Once a fearless and frequent dreamer, I now rarely think of time in modules greater than 24 hours.  I awaken each morning and endeavor to get through the day as best I can, a battered survivor of loss and desolation.  I have become a master of putting on a brave face.  This is no mean feat when running a business where it is your job to elicit a true reflection of the expectant individual(s) in front of your camera.  I can honestly say though that I have given 100% to every. single. photo session, without fail.  I put my heart and soul into everything I do at Sandra Jolly Photography and love nothing more than when happy clients send me pictures of how they have displayed their Jolly photos.  I am incredibly proud that this year Jolly pictures now grace the walls of homes in Sweden, Finland, England, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and America.    

Huge thanks to everyone who has chosen me to create their portraits this year.  Being featured on National Geographic and numerous photography blogs this year has been wonderful, but when a past client tells her two best friends about me and they subsequently book Jolly shoots, it warms my sensitive and humble soul more than anything else.  Please, allow me to share a selection of my favourite images from 2015.  I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a jolly New Year.