Family autumn session in Kallhäll | Stockholm family photographer

What can I say about this family… I could not have asked for a better energy match for me! And if you know me at all, you will know I’m all about the energy! They were SO positive about everything. Even though we had scheduled their family session by the water in Kallhäll, the afternoon we got there it was as wild and windy as the average day in the west of Ireland! It was, by no means, ideal for a portrait session. This family kept smiling though and happily followed me into the woods, where I feel we definitely captured the essence of this adorable family.

While chatting to the mom, I discovered that I had previously photographed two of her friends - they had both recommended me for a Jolly portrait session :). I feel this would be the perfect time to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to anyone who has ever recommended me to friends and family. It honestly and truly means the world to me xoxo

Autumn strikes again | familjefotografering Stockholm

OK, can we please take a moment to appreciate how beautiful everything is outside right now! The colours, the clear blue skies (when it’s not raining!), the crisp fallen leaves, everything! This is one of my favourite times of year to create photographs. A wander through the park, create some timeless images and then you go home and drink your body weight in tea/hot chocolate/red wine. OK, that last bit could be dangerous, but you get my drift!

I hope you enjoy these photographs of my little girl. I know I will treasure them :)

Hello autumn | familjefotografering Stockholm

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Stockholm! Temperatures have dropped, the leaves are changing colour and the winter clothes have been pulled out of storage. In light of all this change, I took one of my daughters to the local park for a quick photo session last week. The sun was going down fast, but I think we still managed to capture that autumn feel. Actually, it felt more like winter, hence the hat and scarf, so we worked double fast!

It really is a beautiful time of year for portrait sessions. You’re not too late to book in a Jolly child or family portrait session. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me via the Contact page above and I will happily send you some Jolly details :)

Ulriksdals Slott family session | Stockholm family photographer

If your parents have flown in from New York, what's the logical thing to do?  Well, book a Jolly portrait session of course!  It was only last winter that I photoraphed this delightfully chilled family, but when it was announced that the grandparents were coming to town, the mom had the foresight to realise it would be the perfect opportunity for another photo session.  

I was warmly greeted by these calm people (my favourite kind of people btw) when I arrived at the session.  Little did we know the heavens were about to open (west of Ireland style!).  And yes, I had fastidiously checked the weather beforehand, but there had been ZERO mention of torrential rain!  It was not a problem though, as we thankfully found a rather fabulous gazebo where we happily continued our session.  More lifelong memoires for another Jolly family :)