Autumn lifestyle family session | Familjefotograf Stockholm

When a regular client gets in touch and asks if you can fit them in for an autumnal family portrait session, you say a BIG yes! And then you schedule in that photo session as soon as possible, for several reasons:

a) autumn in Sweden can end abruptly in the form of a snow blizzard! Time and tide wait for no man!

b) you have photographed this family many times before and know that they always bring good energy to a Jolly shoot. I know I am always banging on about good energy, but it is more important than extra memory cards on a family portrait session!

c) hello two gorgeous daughters, oh, and another baby on the way!

d) hello gorgeous Tibetan Terrier who loves to sneak into photographs (see below for adorable evidence) ;)

e) I have never in all my years seen such a perfectly, autumnal, photogenic yard!

Put all those ingredients together, mix and voilà, you got yourself some priceless images to treasure forever!

Oh, I should also add that I am now opening my calendar for sessions next year and am already booking as far ahead as October. If you want to book a Jolly session (and why would you not!), please get in touch via the Contact page above and we can start planning :)

You've Got a Friend | Another personal portrait project

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling really inspired lately. Maybe it was the beautiful autumnal light and colours we had here in Sweden, or maybe it was because I got to photograph exactly what I wanted and the way I wanted to photograph it.

A while back someone said that I should start a personal photography project. At the time, I already had what I thought (still think, actually) was a great idea. That idea, however, would involve me moving back to Ireland for a couple of months at least. For now, that’s not really possible, so I thought I should create my own projects here in Sweden. And whaddya know, I started three projects last month! Look, I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal :). There’s no half measures here!

So, here it is: my second personal portrait project: You’ve Got a Friend

This project has been inspired by my two daughters and our family dog, an extremely (I think you’ll agree) photogenic two year old Tibetan Terrier. The girls absolutely adore him. It got me thinking about how, when you have a pet, you always have a friend. Someone who’ll be there for you through the good times and the bad, who will give you a happy greeting as soon as you get home, no matter how hangry you might be, and who will warm your feet when your husband isn’t there to do it.

I hope to be posting more from this series in the coming months, so please stay tuned.

Woof woof.

The Student | Autumn portrait session and personal project

Are you enjoying this beautiful autumn? I don’t know about you, but I feel it’s particularly magnificent out there this October. All the golden, copper and yellow tones, not to mention the incredible light, has been very inspiring to me.

As well as photographing some wonderful client portrait sessions, I’ve also created some personal projects, in the shape of photo series. I thought I’d share part of one of those series with you below.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Student. I’m hoping for this to be an ongoing series, so please watch this space :). This particular series has been inspired by what I have been learning about myself and about life, specifically in the last four years. Following a devastating life event in 2014, I feel like I am starting over. I am the student. A reborn student. Learning everything anew and seeing life from an entirely different perspective. I have so much to learn still. Maybe that’s the beauty of it all, you are always a student of life.

An autumn fairy | familjefotografering Stockholm

And so like all nature and light loving photographers, off I went into the woods again with my willing model for a quick portrait session. This time of year is so inspiring! All I want to do is spend my days outside creating photographs. It’s like a drug. You crave a shoot (photo shoot that is), you do it and then you want to do another one right away! I just can’t get enough! This weekend, weather permitting, I’m hoping to get another fix (of autumn portraits!) - I’m just hoping and praying all the leaves don’t blow down in the meantime ;)